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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Brook Farm San Luis Obispo County, Marmesa Vineyard Syrah 2006

Black and inky, deep ruby rim and huge meaty blackberry aromas are what greets you. This leads you into a big juicy wine with a Rhone twist, yes it is a definite New World wine, fruit driven and alcohol figures heavily in its makeup, but there is an edge that hints at a Old World involvement. Deep flavours, silky and bouncy envelope you. Enjoy it, but be aware that 14% must be the minimum that this wine is, it tastes higher.......
San Luis Obispo is south of San Fransisco and just south of Paso Robles, near the coast and cooler than this latitude would suggest. Morning fog due to the Pacific has a heavy influence, and this cool influence keeps the acidity fresh.
This is Syrah not Shiraz despite its New World origins.

Score 84 (it would have been higher if it was not for the spiritual alcohol ). Find it at Underwoods at a bargain price, under £6.50. Enjoy.

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